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Farm Solutions have been established since 1998 and have supplied the farming community with software solutions that are easy to use, well supported and amongst the cheapest available.

Our telephone support is on standard BT lines and not on the expensive premium rate line which is so common today.

Why continue to persevere with manual records or sub standard computer records when there is software which makes record keeping a simple task.

Try our programs for up to 60 days with no obligation to purchase. All you need do is go to the Free Download page and download a copy of the programs today.

To run the program all you need do is register your farm name and then you can download your farming stock directly from BCMS with CTS Online. The download comes with comprehensive instructions that even the “computer scared” can follow. Remember, the Farm Solutions program suite is a point and click program or “Menu Driven” , which means that we have programmed all the hard work out.

Need A Demo
email  demo@farmsolutions.co.uk  
we will arrange a live remote demo for you (no obligation of course)


Cattle Tracing Software
This is a comprehensive cattle movement package with full interface for BCMS. Comprehensive and yet Extremely easy to use.

Sheep Software
Great software packages for individual sheep tracking and also a software program for batches of sheep.

Animal Health (Vet and Med)
Fully integrated Animal Health package which tracks withdrawal periods and drug usage.

Farm Accounting Software
Accounting is often the bane of the self employed. This simple menu driven package could be used by a computer and accounting novice.

Electronic Tag Reader
Farm Solutions Cattle and Sheep Program can be fully interface with the best electronic tag readers.

Farm Computer Assist
Everybody has problems with their computer from time to time. The majority of slow running computers or those that freeze or crash can be fixed remotely without you having to go to the expense of having a computer engineer calling to your farm; or even worse lugging all those bits of equipment and cables to them and waiting to hear what the problem is while you are without your computer. Find out how we can help.


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